Unconventional Career Options For US Fresh Graduates – Resource Platform LaunchUnconventional Career Options For US Fresh Graduates – Resource Platform Launch
Jun 22, 2021

Unconventional Career Options For US Fresh Graduates – Resource Platform Launch

Catch Fire, a US-based educational platform, announced the launch of exclusive content on its website to help fresh graduates learn about offbeat career options from experienced professionals.

Santa Monica CA Luxury Mansion/Condo Buying – Real Estate Agent Service LaunchedSanta Monica CA Luxury Mansion/Condo Buying – Real Estate Agent Service Launched
Jun 22, 2021

Santa Monica CA Luxury Mansion/Condo Buying – Real Estate Agent Service Launched

Pezzini Luxury Homes (310-275-2076), based in West Hollywood, California, announced an expansion of services. The company now also serves clients in Santa Monica.

Singapore Mandarin Course For Adults/Professionals – Language Lessons LaunchedSingapore Mandarin Course For Adults/Professionals – Language Lessons Launched
Jun 22, 2021

Singapore Mandarin Course For Adults/Professionals – Language Lessons Launched

Yi Mandarin has launched an updated business Mandarin course for those looking to develop their careers. It focuses especially on business-related language development for Singaporean professionals.

Stow OH Social Media Content Creation – Local Business Marketing Report LaunchedStow OH Social Media Content Creation – Local Business Marketing Report Launched
Jun 22, 2021

Stow OH Social Media Content Creation – Local Business Marketing Report Launched

Stow, OH - Social Media Done For You releases a new report on the importance of social media. The creative studio says that companies need to release relevant content to build trust.

PK Kirk, Inc. Launches Reg A+ Public OfferingPK Kirk, Inc. Launches Reg A+ Public Offering
Jun 22, 2021

PK Kirk, Inc. Launches Reg A+ Public Offering

PK Kirk Corporation (PK Kirk), a black-owned, Elk Grove, California-based electrical and telecommunications company, announced today that it has been fully qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise up to $1,000,000 pursuant to Regulation A+ and is now open and receiving subscriptions.   PK Kirk intends to utilize the proceeds to grow their core telecommunication service offerings by hiring and training telecommunications technicians and supporting staff to create a workforce of crew members to provide for the increase in demand to maintain and expand the wireless infrastructure and to increase company revenue. "We are pleased and excited to be a part of the telecom industry and the overall need for its growing services,” said Philip Kirkland CEO of PK Kirk. “We look forward to positioning our company to take advantage of the increasing demand for mobile data."   PK Kirk, Inc. intends to apply for OTCQB listing within twelve months of the close of this Offering.   For more information on the PK Kirk, Inc. offer, please visit   Or see the company's qualified offering circular at:     About PK Kirk, Inc.:   Formed in 2019, PK Kirk, Inc. installs antennas, radios, and various telecommunications equipment to upgrade and maintain 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular technology on cell sites throughout Northern and Central California.   Legal Notice:   This press release is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer or sale of the securities referenced herein. Any such offer will only be made in compliance with applicable state and federal securities laws pursuant to Regulation A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. A link to the qualified offering circular and related offering documents is provided herein, and all prospective investors should carefully review these materials, which includes important disclosures and risk factors associated with an investment in PK Kirk, Inc. These securities have not been recommended by the SEC or any state securities commission or regulatory authority, nor has any commission or regulatory confirmed the accuracy of the information contained the offering materials.   The information is provided for convenience only, is not investment advice and may not be relied upon in considering an investment in PK Kirk, Inc. No representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein, and any investment decision should be based solely on the information contained in the offering circular and related materials, and the investor's independent research. No representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the future performance of any investment in PK Kirk, Inc, or that investors will or are likely to achieve favorable results, will make any profit at all or will be able to avoid incurring a loss on their investment. In addition, prospective investors are encouraged to consult with their financial, tax, accounting or other advisors to determine whether an investment in PK Kirk, Inc is suitable for them.   Forward Looking Statements:   This press release and the offering materials may contain forward-looking statements and information relating to, among other things, the company, its business plan and strategy, and its industry. Forward-looking statements are neither historical facts nor assurances of future performance. They are based on the current beliefs of, assumptions made by, and information currently available to the company's management regarding the future of the company’s business, future plans and strategies, anticipated events and trends, the economy and other future conditions. When used in the offering materials, the words "aim," "estimate," "project," "believe," "anticipate," "intend," "envision," "estimate," "expect," "future," "goal," "hope," "likely," "may," "plan," "potential," "seek," "should," "strategy," "will" and similar references to future periods are intended to identify forward-looking statements, which constitute forward looking statements. These statements reflect management’s current views with respect to future events and are subject to inherent risks, uncertainties and changes in circumstances that are difficult to predict (many of which are outside of the company's control) and could cause the company’s actual results to differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date on which they are made. All subsequent written and oral forward-looking statements concerning the company, the offering or other matters, are expressly qualified in their entirety by the cautionary statements above. The company does not undertake any obligation to revise or update these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after such date or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.     Media Contact Company Name: PK Kirk, Inc. Contact Person: Philip Kirkland Email: City: Elk Grove State: California Country: United States Website:

Healthy Food for a Happy BrainHealthy Food for a Happy Brain
Jun 22, 2021

Healthy Food for a Happy Brain

San Francisco, California Jun 22, 2021 ( - The Covid-19 Pandemic caused an unprecedented decline in mental health. The population that has been most affected is our children. School closings dramatically impacted children's mental health. A key stressor was the loss of family services usually provided by local school districts. Many families rely on the meals that schools offer to feed their children and that they had a safe, supervised environment while their parents were at work. The endless hours children spent on, isolated from their schoolmates, caused many children to experience depression, anxiety, and fear about the future. All the activities that provide a foundation for growth, fun, relationships, exercise, and self-expression were canceled. Here at Yolo Farmstand, we want to help you and your family to, stress that eating a healthy diet, including organic nuts, fruits, and vegetables, is key to both ' mental and physical wellbeing. Emotions can regulate eating, and eating can regulate emotions. As the saying goes, "you are what you eat," in the sense that mood and food are often reflections of each other. " Children who do not have a diet rich in nuts, fruits, and vegetables tend to be overweight. If your calories mostly come from processed or fast foods, sugary drinks, and snacks, you are likely to be overweight. A randomized controlled trial published in the journal PLOS ONE "finds that symptoms of depression dropped significantly among a group of young adults after they followed a Mediterranean-style pattern of eating for three weeks. Participants saw their depression "score" fall from the "moderate" range down to the "normal" range, and they reported lower levels of anxiety and stress too." Their diet included daily servings of nuts and seeds, along with fruits, vegetables, fish, healthy oils, and fats. Eating plenty of fruits and nuts was linked to a 30%to 40 % lower risk of depression  Researchers find that nuts benefit the brain by enhancing cognition, memory, recall, and rest. A new study found that eating nuts regularly strengthens brainwaves. Including nuts, fruits, and vegetables, berries, citrus, and green leafy vegetables in your daily diet can promote optimism and reduce stress.  There is a whole new field of Nutritional Psychiatry developing that is a mix of nutrition, dietetics, and psychology, using whole foods and nutrients to improve mental well-being.  One specialist summed it up with this statement, "what's good for your gut is also good for your mental health." Be your own researcher. Add some of these foods to your entire family's daily diet and see how everyone's energy and mood improve!  Walnuts- are good news for kids and adults.  Here at Yolo Farmstand- We believe that our job is to nurture our customers, families, and communities the way we nurture and care for our land. When children grow up eating California fresh grown, organic "real food," they are creating a legacy of health and wellness.  To encourage you to "Snack Your Way to Better Mental Health "we are featuring our organic raw walnuts. Wherever you live, you can experience our California organic nuts and dried fruits delivered fresh to you. Buy our organic raw and sugar-free walnuts online. Try our organic dried fruit sun-dried fruit, sugar-free and without preservatives. Treat yourself to the taste of Organic dried peaches. Shop online and have them delivered fresh right to your door. All our products are organically grown and come to you with minimal handling, and nothing added: no salt, sugar, or oil. We ship the most efficient way possible for fast delivery right to your door. Our beautiful packaging makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Buy online today at ContactYolo 507-8644 Source :Yolo Farmstand This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Summer Solstice- time for clearing our physical and emotional spaceSummer Solstice- time for clearing our physical and emotional space
Jun 22, 2021

Summer Solstice- time for clearing our physical and emotional space

Camarillo, California Jun 22, 2021 ( - June 20th, 11:32 pm marks this year's Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and the official first day of summer.  We slowly worked our way out of winter's darkness into the light--what a remarkable shift in the healing energy.  I love watching the trees come alive after a dormant winter and the wildflowers carpet the canyons with rainbow colors.  In Southern California, we know summer is on the way when the Jacaranda trees turn our neighborhoods a vibrant purple, and the buds on the lemon trees signal another growing cycle. New breath, new life, and new energy. As the sun's rays strengthen and nourish us, we are inspired to start clearing and cleaning our homes and gardens. The ancient Chinese philosophy of energy balance focuses on balancing the energy (or "chi") of the environment in which we live. Simple adjustments to the direction of one's bed or desk can shift the energy flow and the situation created by the previous energy blockage. Sometimes the intentional placement of mirrors, colored fabrics, or plants is required. Sometimes it takes removing items of furniture to achieve the harmonious effect of the energy.  At other times it is just a matter of clearing the energy with healing.   Changing out your warm-down comforter for a light cotton summer blanket is part of the summer ritual that shifts the energy in your bedroom from a space designed for cocooning to one welcoming in the summer breeze and the playful creativity of the new season.   I use the healing energy of the flower essences to enhance my emotional and physical healing while sleeping,  Flower essences are a form of herbal medicine used in flower therapy. The tincture contains the vibrational energy of the flower, which works to improve negative thoughts and emotions.  Work with my custom-blended Aura Space Cleaner to clear your energy field of negativity and limiting beliefs whether self-generated or put on you by others. For positive results spray into the air your aura above the head your back around your body living space office or car to experience relaxation increased focus and a general sense of wellbeing. Dissolves negative energies; promotes relaxation and sleep.  Not only does this promote grounding and clarity in people but also in plants and pets.  Now is the perfect time for cleaning your physical space. First, create your own sage ritual by setting your intention for the energy healing and saying a prayer. Then light your sage stick and clear all the rooms, closets, and spaces in your home.   Always remember to honor and thank Spirit for the beautiful new healing energy. This is the perfect time to spray your Aura Space Cleaner. Let the plant energy continue the healing and clearing process imbued with your intentions. Your home is often a mirror for what's going on internally. An energy clearing can remove old energy patterns, limiting beliefs, and stuck energy in your physical space as well as your emotional space. After clearing your home and workspace, it's time to work on your energy field.  As an energy healer, I have helped many go through this process with ease, using an alternative approach to wellness. We like to use flower essences and herbs to create a healthy way to heal. Our Home Healing Therapy flower essence kit has been a wonderful gift from Nature, shifting your energies slowly and safely. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to talk about how energy healing can help you, please contact me here.  I look forward to speaking with you. Wishing you all the best on your healing journey!  Lots of Blessings Doris Muna Founder: Dorothea Essences  Media ContactDorothea Healinginfo@dorotheahealing.com Source :Dorothea Healing This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Blue Engine and SPED Strategies Release Recommendations for Equity and Inclusion in Post-COVID Learning RecoveryBlue Engine and SPED Strategies Release Recommendations for Equity and Inclusion in Post-COVID Learning Recovery
Jun 22, 2021

Blue Engine and SPED Strategies Release Recommendations for Equity and Inclusion in Post-COVID Learning Recovery

New Orleans, Louisiana Jun 22, 2021 ( - Blue Engine and SPED Strategies, two organizations on a mission to improve outcomes for students who think and learn differently, announce the release of three learning recovery reports designed to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. A year after the first school closures, there is a need to address widespread learning loss and to ensure equity and inclusion in learning recovery.   Students who are historically underserved in usual circumstances were disproportionately affected by school closures. In fact, students with disabilities are among the groups of students who are most likely to regress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.1 This is especially true for low-income students of color who have disabilities.   The reports suggest constructive ways to address inequities. They recommend three distinct approaches to help school districts intentionally build equity measures into their learning recovery plans. These include:   1) Tutoring: Most school systems will be rolling out large-scale tutoring. These programs must be designed to support students with disabilities and be explicitly responsive to children with special needs. Read the report.   2) Therapies & Supports: Individualize therapies and support services to accelerate grade-level learning. Double-down on high-quality curriculum and instruction. Read the report.   3) High-Quality Instruction & Materials: When students with disabilities struggle, the typical response is to reduce instructional rigor and segregate them from their general education peers. Instead, ensure these students have access to grade-level content and instruction. Read the report.   School disruptions and lost instruction have disproportionally impacted our most vulnerable youth.2 This includes students with disabilities and students with disabilities who are low-income, Black and/or Latino and thus subject to systemic disadvantages. Ensuring equity and inclusion when planning learning recovery for these and all students will help districts meet their legal requirements and provide them equal access to learning that all students deserve.   1.   Grant, C. (2021)  COVID-19's Impact on Students with Disabilities in Under-Resourced School Districts Fordham Urban Law Journal, Vol. 48, No. 127. Duke Law School Public Law & Legal Theory Series No. 2021-08, Available at SSRN:   2.  Jackson, D., & Bowdon, J. (2020). COVID Survey Spotlight on Students with Disabilities. American     Institutes For Research, October, 1-11. Retrieved 14 June 2021, from     default/files/COVID-Survey-Spotlight-on-Students-with-Disabilities-FINAL-Oct-2020.pdf   # # #   About Blue Engine and SPED Strategies:   Blue Engine implements an evidence-based team teaching model to accelerate learning for all students, particularly those who are low-income, Black and/or Latino, and thus subject to systemic disadvantages. Students in our classrooms report high satisfaction and demonstrate outsized academic growth. More   SPED Strategies works to advance educational equity for students with disabilities. We help education leaders connect the dots between policy, funding, and academics to ensure every student receives an excellent education in an environment where they grow and thrive. MoreMedia ContactJGT Public Relationsbonnie@jgtpr.com917-693-0940 Source :Blue Engine This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

The Supreme Team is Proud to Announce the Release of No Brady by RiceThe Supreme Team is Proud to Announce the Release of No Brady by Rice
Jun 22, 2021

The Supreme Team is Proud to Announce the Release of No Brady by Rice

College Station, Texas Jun 22, 2021 ( - This week, Jerard Rice, AKA Rice will be releasing his latest masterpiece of Hip-Hop, No Brady. The single will be available for streaming worldwide via Spotify and Youtube. No Brady immediately catches your ear with its beautiful production aesthetics. The mix is top-shelf sonically, but the real magic happens when the vocals kick in. Rice's voice exudes a star quality delivering clever lyrics with a signature pop and a near-perfect beat-machine-gun delivery. HOWEVER, when the hook hits, things REALLY light up. "Mmm-Kay let me know when you lit it...," resonates. After the 2nd time through, my brain started to tingle with the realization that this cracky hook would be bouncing around in there for a while.  In the feature spot, J Muzique's voice adds a nice contrasting flavor to Rice's bravado. The two vocalists are playing good cop, bad cop and the listener comes out winning. All-in-all, No Brady is loaded with hooks you simply can't walk away from. Make sure when you stream this track make sure you have some time on your hands because it's probably going to be a long-term relationship. Mmm-Kay? 4 of 5 stars. YouTube Video: Spotify: About Rice Jerard Rice, AKA Rice is an up-and-coming artist in New England and co-owner of  Hustle Work Grind Record. He is not just a rapper and songwriter, but also an entrepreneur. While music is his passion, he has deep roots in his community and friendships. When asked about how he got started Rice said, "I love meeting new people. A group of us indie artists started the Dear Santa Christmas Extravaganza to give back to our community by providing gifts to kids." Rice started making music at age 18 with his brother M-Ezy, the other co-owner of Hustle Work Grind Records.  Jay-Z. and J Cole are his key influences because of the authenticity of their lyrics. He also claims Kendrick Lamar as an influence for his ability to give everything a pop slant. Contact Rice: Website: Bookings and Management: Facebook: ContactMick Southerland*****@gmail.com106 E. 6th Street, Austin, TX 77801 Source :SupremePR This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

'SendMePic' - an Image Sharing App Is Now Available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market'SendMePic' - an Image Sharing App Is Now Available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market
Jun 22, 2021

'SendMePic' - an Image Sharing App Is Now Available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market

Send Me Pic App SendMePic App Live on Apple Store and Google Play Store VANCOUVER, British Columbia - June 22, 2021 - ( Available on all the online platforms, the SendMePic app facilitates the quick and easy sharing of live photos of locations that are shared by the users. The app is one of a kind and the first ever empowered with high-quality images and photos embedded with enticing features and unique benefits. A perfect app designed for travelers, bikers, tourists, and peripatetics. Some of the app features include: Quick, easy, and flexible setup. Register your profile in minutes. Seamless functionality enriched with an appealing and exclusive user interface with clickable options. Share a live photo of locations with your friends in second and bring fun to the community. Efficient tracking systems are designed to save the time of the users instead of searching locations without images. Hide locations to secure and protect private information with simple and resilient security features. A separate photo gallery available to store images in the app for future use. Easy tracking of locations for hospitals, health centers, and clinics via live photos. Now, the users can attend their parties, wedding ceremonies, community meetings, and much more on time. Great safety and security to the users' data. The app takes care of all the aspects related to protecting the privacy of the users. Giving access to six members, the app is so appropriate for marketers, event managers, and salesforce staff. Designed for social networking purposes, the app is carefully and diligently developed by Mr. Amr Goal - a proficient expert in creating versatile and dynamic apps for iOS users. For the app launch, he says, "I went on to design SendMePic app when I found out how difficult it was for users to search the locations without images. This app will help the users to see the live images of the locations shared by their community. Altogether, it will make lives easier and simpler in terms of finding places." SendMePic, an image-sharing app, is now available free for online users on iOS and Android platforms on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The app can be accessed worldwide by numerous users and is available in several languages. It's the perfect timing for the app in today's era when people lack enough time to track locations with just maps.  Google Play Store Link: Apple Store Link: Please visit our official website for more information about SendMePic - an image-sharing app, including videos and photos of the app and its features, stated elaborately. SendMePic app is developed by Mr. Amr Goal - a proficient app developer with 10+ years of expertise in the app development industry. For further information on SendMePic, or in case if you like to schedule an interview, please contact us. Press Release Service by Original Source: 'SendMePic' - an Image Sharing App Is Now Available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market

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